Research Profile of the College

Goa College of Pharmacy is active in research and development in the core areas of Pharmaceutical Sciences viz. Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance in addition to the regular teaching duties.  To take care of the research in these areas, there are five departments comprising of Professor and Faculty members specialized in respective areas.  Institution is well equipped with sophisticated instruments to cater to the Post Graduate and PhD students to carry out research.  Institution has many international and national research papers and conference presentations to its credit.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry. The department is headed by Professor Sanjay Pai PN. Faculty members of the department have expertise in various areas of research such as molecular modeling, synthetic chemistry and analytics. The research interest ranges from projects dealing with computer-assisted drug design, QSAR, Biomolecular Simulations, Drug screening, Drug development and Synthesis of compounds of medicinal value and related compounds (impurity standards) along with the structure elucidation and characterization.

Pharmacognosy. The department is headed by Professor Arun B. Joshi. The department deals with study of drugs derived from plants, animals and mineral sources.  The research activities deal with isolation, identification and interpretation of medicinally potential plant candidates with advanced analytical techniques and moreover the development and evaluation of novel drug delivery systems of botanicals for fatal disorders.

Pharmacology.  Professor Madhusudhan P. Joshi heads the department of Pharmacology.  Faculty members are actively involved in assessing the activity of the drug affecting central nervous system (CNS).  The department is equipped with Animal House to carry out pre-clinical studies.

Pharmaceutics.  The department is headed by Shri Ramchandra V. Keny.  The department is actively involved in research in the areas viz. Transdermal DDS, Oral trans-mucosal DDS, Muco-adhesive DDS, Oral sustained release DDS, Colonic DDS, Chrono/targeted DDS, Nasal DDS, Intra ocular DDS and Enhancement of solubility of poorly water soluble drugs.  Faculty of Pharmaceutics are actively engaged in guiding the PG students in formulation and development of novel drug delivery systems.

Pharmaceutical Analysis.  Professor Sanjay Pai PN, is the in-charge head of the department.  The current thrust areas of research involve Analytical Method Development and Validation, Volatile component analysis, Development and validation of Stability indicating analytical methods using HPLC,  Dissolution testing of drug products, Identification and characterization of impurities and Analytical method development through Quality by Design (QbD).

Quality Assurance.  This branch of pharmacy is taken care jointly by department of Pharmaceutics for the research area of formulation and development and department of Pharmaceutical Analysis for the research in analytical method development.