Government of Goa
Accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for UG  Program upto 30-06-2026
18th June Road ,Panaji Goa, 403 001 India


The word “Pharmaceutics” in simple terms means converting a drug into a medicine. Department of Pharmaceutics of Goa College of Pharmacy has been actively involved in improving the theoretical and practical skills of the students at the Diploma, Degree and Post Graduate level. The subject areas in the department are Pharmaceutics, Hospital & Community Pharmacy, Physical Pharmaceutics, Cosmeticology, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs, Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics, Product Development, Validation, Documentation & Quality Audits and Quality Management which are handled by experienced faculty. Department is headed by Dr. Prashant Bhide

The faculty are actively engaged in guiding the PG students in formulation and development of novel drug delivery systems. The thrust areas are Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems & Nanotechnology. The department has three well equipped laboratories managed by 7 trained laboratory technicians. The department is well equipped with sophisticated instruments and machinery to cater and fulfill statutory and research requirements of students. The department is equipped with: 10 Station Tablet Punching Machine, All Purpose Unit With All Attachments, Rota-Evaporator, Spray Drier, Dissolution Testing Unit (3 Nos.), UV Visible Spectrophotometer (2 Nos.), All Glass Water Distillation Unit, Autoclave (2 Nos.), Bulk Density Apparatus, Tablet Friability Apparatus, Ro Water Unit, Mechanical Stirrers and Magnetic Stirrers with Hot Plate. The department is actively involved in research in the areas viz. Transdermal DDS, Oral transmucosal DDS, Mucoadhesive DDS, Oral sustained release DDS, Colonic DDS, Chrono/targeted DDS, Nasal DDS, Intra ocular DDS and Enhancement of solubility of poorly water soluble drugs.


Dr. Prashant Bhide

HOD & Professor

Dr. Rajeshree Gude

Associate Professor

Ms. Seema Shet

Asst. Professor

Ms. Saba Jamadar

Asst. Professor

Ms. Rohan Prabhu

Asst. Professor


Contact Info

Goa College of pharmacy,18th June Road ,Panaji Goa, 403 001 India
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