The department has a pharmacology laboratory, a physiology laboratory, two PG pharmacology laboratories, an animal house a departmental library and a seminar room. The department is well equipped with wide range of state of art instruments purchased from Columbus primarily used in assessing the activity of the drug affecting central nervous system. The instruments includes:

  • AUTO TRACK to determines and measure the spontaneous activities of the animal.
  • ROTAROD to determine the skeletal motor activity.
  • ELEVATED PLUS MAZE & ANXIOMETER to assess the anti-anxiety activity of the drug.
  • RADIAL ARM MAZE & WATER MAZE to measure the animal activity is monitored by a video camera and data so captured is analyzed using appropriate software. The instruments are used to find effect of drugs on learning and memory of the animals.
  • HOT PLATE to study the analgesic activity of the compound

The department is also well equipped with the Animal House to carry out pre-clinical studies.