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Accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for UG  Program upto 30-06-2026
18th June Road ,Panaji Goa, 403 001 India



Goa College of Pharmacy as hostel accommodation, separate for Boys and Girls which are situated at Altinho, near the Doordarshan Complex in the Panaji city (a kilometer vicinity of the Institute). The hostel for boys has 27 rooms on sharing basis of three student per room, a common wash room area equipped with hot water facility, a central dinning facility, three guest rooms, kitchen reading room and a warden residence.
The hostel for girls has on sharing basis of three student per room, a common wash room area equipped with hot water facility, a central dinning facility, three guest rooms, kitchen reading room and a warden residence.


Institution has 19 laboratories to conduct practical session for the Diploma Certificate, Bachelor and Master Degree Programs in Pharmacy in the various departments viz. Pharmaceutical Analysis Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy and Pharmacology well equipped with sophisticated instrumentation as required by the apex bodies.


The College library is well equipped with books, periodicals, research journals written by Indian and International authors to facilitate Under Graduate and Post Graduate learning and Post Graduate Research. The institute has access to International and National Journals related to Pharmacy from well-established publishers like Elsevier, Science Direct and Bentham. GCP has Sci-Finder access to smoothen search for research papers.


Goa College of Pharmacy maintains botanical garden consisting of more than 70 medicinal plants including Climbers, Shrubs, Herbs and Trees. The garden functions as an educational display of medicinal plants for the College Students. The garden is divided in four sections and arranged according to the use of the drug derived from the plants. Plants such as Strychnus nuxvomica, Saraca indica, Paederia foetida, Desmodium oojeinensis, Vernonia cinerea, Coleus amboinicus, Ruta graveolens, Vitex negundo, Pimenta officinalis, Aphanamixis polystachya, Kalanchoe pinnata, Leucas cephalotes, Adhatoda vasica, Gmelina arborea, Pterocarpus marsupieum, Centella asiatica etc. being mentioned in the garden.

Animal House

Pre-clinical studies i.e. animal studies are mandatory before drug is administered to human beings. The safety of the drug is initially established in animals by conducting battery of acute and chronic toxicity tests. In India, the research involving animals is regulated by the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act 1960. Under this Act, a laboratory carrying research by suing animals should be registered with CPCSEA. The research projects undertaken in such laboratory are necessarily approved by the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC). In the College the animal house is maintained by the Department of Pharmacology. The CPCSEA recognized the animal house in the year 2002 with the registration No. 611/02/c/CPCSEA. Presently Dr. M. P. Joshi is the Chairman of the IAEC and Mrs. Vedita Hegde Desai is the secretary. Dr. Sushma Bhounsule is the CPCSEA nominee.

Presently, two species are regularly maintained i.e. mice and the rats. Animals are procured from the registered breeder. Animals are housed and maintained in accordance with CPCSEA guidelines. The animals are used for regular undergraduate experiments and for research projects of the PG students.

Central Instumentation facility

Goa College of Pharmacy has state of the art sophisticated analytical instrumentation facility to cater pharmaceutical research needs. Sophisticated sensitive analytical instruments are installed at centrally located air conditioned laboratory. At present the facility is being extensively used by Ph D scholars, M. Pharm students and faculties of the college for their respective research activities. Instruments are being used by B. Pharm. students during their regular practical. External organizations like industry, academic institutions can also avail the facility at nominal charges.

List of Instruments available:

-UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (UV3000) [Labindia]
-UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (Lambda 25) [Perkin Elmer]
-Spectrophotofluorimeter (RF5301 Pc) [Shimadzu]
FT-IR (Alpha) [Bruker]
-HPLC with variable wavelength detector (Ultimate 3000) [Thermo Scientific]
-HPLC with PDA detector (1260 infinity) [Agilent Technologies]
-Gas chromatograph (Trace GC 600) [Thermo Scientific]
Photostability Chamber (Ti – 910) [Tempo]


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Goa College of pharmacy,18th June Road ,Panaji Goa, 403 001 India
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