Pharmaceutical Chemistry




The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry started functioning with the birth of Goa College of Pharmacy, as one of the four core departments. The department supports the academic requirements for students pursuing a four year Bachelor of Pharmacy (Semester Pattern) course of Goa University and two year Diploma of Pharmacy course (Annual Pattern). The laboratories are equipped to undertake Post Graduate and Doctoral research work in the area of synthetic and analytical chemistry.

The teachers and researchers of the department have expertise in various areas of research such as molecular modeling, synthetic chemistry and analytics. The research interest ranges from projects dealing with computer-assisted drug design, QSAR, Biomolecular Simulations, Drug screening, Drug development and Synthesis of compounds of medicinal value and related compounds (impurity standards) along with the structure elucidation and characterization. Department has noteworthy academic as well as research facilities. Three laboratories namely the Organic Analysis Lab, Ligand Synthesis Lab and Micro-component Analysis Lab with excellent working facilities and equipped with necessary infrastructure to provide practical training on regular basis for degree and diploma students.  A fourth lab exclusively designed to undertake research work in synthetic chemistry is available to the scholars.



Sham Kharwat Laboratory Assistant

Shanti Naik Laboratory Assistant

Sweta Vaigankar Laboratory Assistant

Thomas Martin
Support Staff

Anand Pednekar
Support Staff

Ritesh Neugi
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