About Us



Goa College of Pharmacy has state of the art sophisticated analytical instrumentation facility to cater pharmaceutical research needs. Sophisticated sensitive analytical instruments are installed at centrally located air conditioned laboratory. At present the facility is being extensively used by Ph D scholars, M. Pharm students and faculties of the college for their respective research activities. Instruments are being used by B. Pharm. students during their regular practical. External organizations like industry, academic institutions can also avail the facility at nominal charges.

List of Instruments available:

  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (UV3000) [Labindia]
  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (Lambda 25) [Perkin Elmer]
  • Spectrophotofluorimeter (RF5301 Pc) [Shimadzu]
  • FT-IR (Alpha) [Bruker]
  • HPLC with variable wavelength detector (Ultimate 3000) [Thermo Scientific]
  • HPLC with PDA detector (1260 infinity) [Agilent Technologies]
  • Gas chromatograph (Trace GC 600) [Thermo Scientific]
  • Photostability Chamber (Ti – 910) [Tempo]